Survey finds one third of UK employees are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress

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One third of UK employees are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress

By Ellen Scott

A survey of 2,000 British workers in junior and senior roles has found that 34% of us are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress. Management consultancy firm PwC asked British people in a range of different jobs to answer questions about their mental health, and found that one-third of us are dealing with anxiety, stress, or depression, while mental health problems affect one in six of us on a weekly basis. business-presentation-flipchart-employee-assistance-programme-manchesterResearchers believe this is down to the blurring of the line between work and home life, with smartphones increasing the pressure to reply to texts, emails, and calls while away from our desks.

This makes us feel like we’re always on call, always under pressure, and can’t escape the usual stresses of work. The stigma around mental health isn’t helping. The research found that of those who had taken time off for poor mental health, 39% had felt unable to tell their boss. That’s not even taking into account all the people who want to take time off, but feel they can’t.

Researchers note that the survey results prove that more needs to be done to help workers with their mental health, whether it’s encouraging people to take time off when they need it, ensuring everyone takes proper lunch breaks and leaves on time, or simply opening up the conversation around mental health and self-care. Clearly, we all need to be doing more if one third of us are struggling.


One-third of UK employees are dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress

Original article published by Metro News on the 13 Jul 2017


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