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Sleep Deprivation May Lead to Higher Anxiety Levels

Two common features of anxiety disorders are insomnia and an amplification of emotional response. Results from the new study suggest that these features may not be independent of one another but may interact instead.

New research shows that sleep loss markedly exaggerates the degree to which we anticipate impending emotional events, particularly among highly anxious people, who are especially vulnerable.

The fMRI scans showed that sleep deprivation significantly amplified the build-up of anticipatory activity in deep emotional brain centres, especially the amygdala, a part of the brain associated with responding to negative and unpleasant experiences. In some of these emotional centres of the brain, sleep deprivation detrimentally triggered an increase in anticipatory anxiety by more than 60 percent.

sleep deprivation and anxiety manchester | sleep therapistThose people who were more anxious showed the greatest vulnerability to the aggravating effects of sleep deprivation. The results suggest that anxiety may significantly elevate the emotional dysfunction and risk associated with insufficient sleep.

“Our results suggest that just one night of sleep loss significantly alters the optimal functioning of this essential brain process, especially among anxious individuals. This is perhaps never more relevant considering the continued erosion of sleep time that continues to occur across society.”  … Read original article: Sleep Deprivation May Lead to Higher Anxiety Levels

Original Source: American Academy of Sleep Medicine


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