Research shows new parents suffering higher than expected anxiety

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New research shows new parents suffering higher than expected anxiety

There are many things to fret about when you are a new parent: lack of sleep, the baby’s development, lost income and unsolicited parenting advice.

But new research has found that for a higher than expected number of first-time mums and dads, the anxiety experienced while adjusting to parenthood can be overwhelming and interfere with daily life.

New research published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has found a third of Australian women and 17 per cent of men experience anxiety symptoms, making the condition more common than depression in new parents.

new parents baby anxiety play ringsDr Karen Wynter, from the Jean Hailes Research Unit at Monash University, said the levels of anxiety and adjustment issues were higher than expected.

“We actually found 9 per cent of women and 4 per cent of men had clinically diagnosable anxiety disorders in the first six months of the birth of the baby,” she said.

“The research shows that we also need to pay more attention to new fathers, because some of them will have problems adjusting to a new baby in the house….

Read the full original article by Lisa Power, News Corp Australia, 2nd November 2013 … The Telegraph – New parents suffering higher than expected anxiety disorder, new research shows


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Research shows new parents suffering higher than expected anxiety

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