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The Weight Loss Programme

Integrating Psychotherapy, Counselling, CBT, EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching for weight reduction an management. In an 8 session programme, lose at least 16 Pounds (8 Kilos)* by the end of the programme.

Nigel Magowan is an experienced and registered Psychotherapist, who also incorporates Life Coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy into his work.  He has many years of experience of assisting people to change their eating habits and loss weight.

To book an appointment with him, or to make an enquiry, call 0161 881 4333 or Click here to email.

The Weight Reduction Programme Overview

weight control psychotherapist nlp manchester | weight loss | weight management | dietingThe Weight Reduction treatment addresses the common behavioural and emotional problems of over eaters. During the sessions you will become familiar with your thought processes and behaviours in relation to food, enabling you to learn safe and helpful ways of managing your eating. The fixed length programme lasts for 8 sessions, and is usually spread out over at least two months. Whilst the programme covers a fixed number of common behavioural and emotional problems, the individual sessions themselves are adjusted for your specific requirements.

The first sessions begin to break the cycle of bad eating habits and weight gain, and are scheduled at regular intervals. They explore and build the core skills necessary to begin the process of changing your eating habits, resolving inner conflicts, building motivation, reducing stress, changing your beliefs and emotional reactions to food and taking control of your eating. In addition to the hypnotherapy, you will also receive training in self-hypnosis, motivation techniques, stress management and simple NLP techniques so that you can begin to take more control of eating habits, your thoughts, emotions and your life.

Between sessions you are expected to continue to work on your issues using the processes you’ve been taught.

Psychotherapy | Counselling | weight loss | weight management | dieting | manchester | didsbury | altrincham | stockport The final 4 sessions may only be attended as you achieve certain agreed weight targets. During these sessions we will strengthen and build upon the work already done in the first sessions by continuing to help you to change your relationship to food and the food choices you make, and work with boosting your motivation to exercise and finally putting it all together for lasting results.

The overall duration of the programme is variable as you attend each of the last four sessions when you achieve certain weight targets. You must lose at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) between sessions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 before booking your next session. Therefore each person who completes the entire programme will lose a minimum of 16 pounds (8 kilos)*.

life coaching | Counselling | weight loss | weight management | dieting | manchester | didsbury | chorlton | stockportMost people following the programme will usually attend the final four sessions at an average of between 2 to 4 week intervals. Your rate of weight loss does largely depends on your commitment and involvement in the process, but generally most people will take between 2 and 6 months to complete the entire programme.
Each session lasts 1 hour.

Weight Reduction Programme Session Structure

A general overview of the structure of the programme is given below, but as we are all unique, it is usually adjusted to meet your individual needs.

Session 1
Introduction to the programme, Intake interview and paperwork. We begin to explore your beliefs, habits, internal conflicts and emotional reactions around food.

Session 2 to 4
We continue to explore your beliefs, habits, internal conflicts and emotional reactions around food, then use appropriate hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, psychotherapy and educational processes to effect the necessary changes.You will also receive training in Self-Hypnosis and simple NLP processes, and are expected to continue to use these between sessions.

After the 4th session you must lose at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) before booking session 5.

Session 5
Making Sensible Food Choices. By the time you book this session you will have lost at least 4 pounds (2 kilos).

You must lose at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) after this session before booking session 6.

Session 6
Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food. By the time you book this session you will have lost at least 8 pounds (4 kilos).

You must lose at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) after this session before booking session 7.

Session 7
Boosting Motivation to Exercise. By the time you book this session you will have lost at least 12 pounds (6 kilos).

You must lose at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) after this session before booking session 8.

Session 8
Putting It All Together for Long-Term Results. By the time you book this session you will have lost at least 16 pounds (8 kilos).

Optional Follow Up Sessions are also available


Examples of some of the benefits you can expect to gain:

  • Remove your desire to over eatweight loss | weight management | dieting | manchester | didsbury | stockport
  • Think of food only when you are hungry
  • Healthy eating
  • Form a positive self-image
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Produces stronger feelings of inner strength and determination
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Love to exercise regularly
  • Reduce feelings of guilt about food
  • Improve your feel-good factor, confidence and positive thinking
  • Occasionally weight gain can be caused by a past event; uncovering and healing this can help
  • There can sometimes be a unconscious reason why you stay fat, Hypnosis can replace weight gain with something far more healthy

Is The Weight Reduction Treatment Suitable for You?

The Weight Reduction Treatment will be suitable for people who:

– Eat according to external cues, not internal hunger signals
– Reward themselves with food- Place little value on physical exercise
– Do not control or understand portion sizes
– Eat while doing other things (TV, reading, talking etc.)
– Plan social activities around food- Prefer sweet or fattening foods
– Do not realise or underestimate how much food they eat in a day
– Do not know how much they weight because they are embarressed to get on the scales
– Not motivated to exercise
– Diagnosed as a compulsive eater
– Eat for emotional comfort. Food is an antidote for emotional distress
– Told not to waste food as a child
– Indentify themselves as an overweight person and eat accordingly
– Eat beyond the point where other people would feel full or satisfied
– Think of dieting as deprivation and starvation
– As a child told it is disrespectful not to clear the plate
– No awareness of the physical sensations of feeling full or satisfied
– Have followed diets and then given up as they reach their target weight.
– Obsess about food all day

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to have a thorough medical examination to rule out any medical issues that may be contributing to weight gain or preventing weight reduction.

The Weight Reduction Treatment will not be suitable for people with the following:

– Hormonal Imbalances (woman only)
– Hyper-Insulinemia
– Insulin-Dependant Diabetes (type 1)
– Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
– In the midst of a major life crisis (see Alternative Treatment Options below)
– Hypothyroidism
– An Active Malignancy
– Pregnancy or Lactation
– Bulimia (see Alternative Treatment Options below)
– Psychotic Disorders
– Metabolic Syndrome
– Recent Surgery
– Anorexia (see Alternative Treatment Options)
– Abusing Alcohol or Drugs (see Alternative Treatment Options below)
– If you are looking for a no-effort instant fix. (Hypnotherapy is effective but it is neither a magic wand or an instant fix. Some conscious effort, commitment and time is required.)

Booking is easy

I recommend booking an Initial Consultation/Assessment Session first. This gives us the chance to begin to explore your issues and your requirements further and give you honest answers to any questions.

Only book if you have the following attitudes and expectations:

  • You are interested in improving yourself and your quality of life.
  • You have realistic expectations about your rate of weight loss. It does physically take time and a little conscious effort to lose weight. The weight simply cannot just physically disappear overnight, no matter how much you would like it to. Up to 2 pounds (1 kilo) per week is usually considered a healthy rate of weight loss. Most people will take more than 2 months to lose 16 pounds (8 kilos).
  • You are realistic about personal change and are not expecting a no effort ‘instant fix’ or ‘magic cure’ of a lifetimes worth of problems in a session or two. The process of personal change is effective but it is usually gradual. It does take time and some conscious effort to change your thoughts about food.
  • You realise therapy is not something ‘done’ to you ‘while-u-wait’ but requires that you be actively involved in the process.
  • You are prepared to work cooperatively with the therapist to work through your issues.
  • You are prepared to invest some of your time and energy into changing yourself. In return for a little effort over a few weeks, you get to look and feel much better for the rest of your life.

How to book:

When you are ready to make the inner changes you need to control your eating and achieve the life you want, simply Click here to email or phone me on 0161 881 4333 to make an appointment now.

Location: I practice both from a consulting room in my home in Chorlton in South Manchester, and from a clinic on Harley Street, London. If you can’t travel to me then I am also available for online therapy, counselling and coaching via Skype.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Individual Fees

See the consultation fees page for session prices and discounts.

Upcoming Workshops

Why not enquire about the next full day weight management workshop, held regularly in South Manchester.

Alternative Treament Options

counselling and psychotherapy for anorexia, bulimia and binge eatingIf you have an eating disorder such as binge eating, anorexia or bulimia, or have addictive behaviours relating to food, or are in the midst of a major life crisis, or just have a specific issue related to your eating, then some of my other services such as psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching will be more appropriate and beneficial. These treatments are highly individualised to your exact issues.

If you would like to discuss treatment options simply Click here to email or phone me on 0161 881 4333.


*Terms and conditions

  • By completing the entire programme you will have lost at least 16 pounds (8 kilos) because you must achieve a reduction of at least 4 pounds (2 kilos) between each of the last 4 sessions before booking the appointment for the next session. Therefore 4 sessions x 4 pounds of weight loss = 16 pounds (8 kilos) total reduction in your weight.
  • Weight reduction for the final 4 sessions must be an accumulative weight loss over the course of 8 sessions.
  • You are expected to be honest with yourself when deciding if you’ve met your between session weight loss targets. You will not be weighed.
  • No refund is payable whatever the circumstances. Giving you a refund is like rewarding you for giving up. Therefore a no refund policy ensures you stay committed and involved in achieving your own goals.
  • There is no time limit to completion of the Weight Reduction Programme.
  • No guarantees are offered. I am not responsible for your commitment, determination, level of involvement, life circumstances or what you do outside of the session, therefore I cannot offer any guarantees. However you can be assured that I will bring all my training, knowledge and experience together to make it as easy as possible for you to change your eating habits. 

Therapy Services

Integrative Psychotherapy
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