New research shows anxiety is a daily obstacle for 1 in 5 UK adults

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Research shows that GPs are 46 times more likely to prescribe medication rather than alternative options for anxiety such as psychotherapy or exercise

The topic of mental health has again hit the headlines. Prevalence of mental health problems is on the rise and we are now in a situation where mental health is the third most common issue presented to GPs.

1 in 5 UK Adults struggle with anxiety | Anxiety Manchester | Anxiety Counsellor | Anxiety PsychotherapistNew research released this week by Nuffield Health revealed that almost 23 million UK adults (44 per cent) experience anxiety symptoms at least once a week, and for one in five anxiety is a daily obstacle. Almost two fifths (39 per cent) of people now experience low mood, an early indicator of depression, at least once a week and for almost 15 million UK adults (29 per cent), their low mood or anxiety is so consuming that they struggle to, or cannot, work.  A quarter of those questioned (25 per cent) said they were frustrated to only be offered medication by their GP.

With the number of sufferers increasing year on year, it’s interesting to hear that so many patients want to try an alternative to prescribed medication to help ease their symptoms.

Now we know there is also patient demand for GPs to offer exercise, along with options like counselling and psychotherapy as part of our armoury to help stem, and hopefully reverse, the growing number of mental health sufferers in the UK.

What cannot be ignored is that mental illness is quickly becoming one the biggest barriers to our nation’s well-being, and addressing it urgently, is crucial if positive long lasting change is to be achieved.

Read the original full article by Dr Davina Deniszczyc here17/10/13 The Independent – For one in five of us, anxiety is a daily obstacle


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Anxiety News: New research shows anxiety is a daily obstacle for 1 in 5 UK adults 

Nigel Magowan is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist in Manchester, who frequently helps people deal with the various anxiety disorders.



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